Shreya Shankar

The Warm-Up: Radical Joy & Inspired Action 

Saturday September 8th, 10:30am

As people of color, we are often called on to perform our trauma and center our stories around our pain. Creative and organizer Shreya Shankar provides a counter-catalyst to this call, helping us to activate, energize, build community and most importantly: ground our stories in radical joy.

About Shreya Shankar

Shreya Shankar is a Tamilian-American writer, organizer, and creative based in Oakland, CA. With a degree in Environmental Politics, Environmental Design & Urbanism from UC Berkeley, Shreya Shankar is passionate about building systems, economies, and imaginaries offering multidisciplinary alternatives to dated paradigms. She is the author of bars, which offers a new way to experience poetry: across the mediums of print, animation, and film. She is also the Director of Rooted in Resilience, a nonprofit organization for environmental justice advocacy and radical, resilient systems design.