Rhodessa Jones

Storytelling For Transformative Change

Sunday September 9th, 3:30pm

Based on her work with incarcerated women in San Francisco, Rhodessa Jones created The Medea Project, a theater for incarcerated women. Since then, The Medea Project has performed, expanded, and won numerous awards, reaching from Italy to South Africa, from jailed women of color to those living with HIV/AIDS, all with Rhodessa at its helm for the last 24 years. Rhodessa will share how we too can uses stories as vehicles of transformative change within the communities we serve.

About Rhodessa Jones

Performer, teacher, director Rhodessa Jones is Co-Artistic Director of San Francisco’s performance company Cultural Odyssey. Jones directs The Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women, an award-winning performance workshop committed to incarcerated women’s personal and social transformation, now in it’s 23rd year. As recipient of US Artist Fellowship, Jones expanded her work in jails and educational institutions internationally. She conducts Medea Projects in South African prisons, working with incarcerated women and training local artists and correctional personnel to embed the Medea process inside these institutions. In 2012, she was named Arts Envoy by the US Embassy in South Africa. Recent US residencies include Brown University and Scripps College Humanities Institute. Recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from CA College of the Arts, SF Bay Guardian’s Lifetime Achievement Award, SF Foundation’s Community Leadership Award, Non-Profit Arts Excellence Award by the SF Business Arts Council, and an Otto Rene Castillo Award for Political Theater.