Norman Antonio Zelaya

Cadence & Community: Writing To Represent

Saturday September 8th, 1:40Pm

How do I capture the cadences and energy of my community in words? What responsibilities do I have to represent it? What does authenticity mean and who does it serve? Leaning on his experience as a poet and writer, Norman Antonio Zelaya, author of Orlando & Other Stories and co-founder of the poetry group Los Delicados, will help you answer these questions and share how he transcribes his community in his own work.

About Norman Antonio Zelaya

Norman Antonio Zelaya was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. He has published stories in ZYZZYVA, NY Tyrant, 14 Hills, Cipactli, Apogee Journal, among others, and he was a 2015 Zoetrope: All-Story finalist. He is a founding member of Los Delicados, and has performed extensively throughout the US with them. Zelaya has appeared on stage, in film and in the squared circle as luchador, Super Pulga. Currently, he lives and works in San Francisco's Mission District as a special education teacher. Orlando & Other Stories is his first published book.