A Storytelling Conference for Womxn of Color


 SEPTEMBER 8-9 2018

 Womxn of color writers & journalists, podcasters & reporters, essayists & op-ed writers.


What does it mean to write, speak, storytell as a womxn of color? 

Tell us about a breakout session you want to deliver. We want to talk about race & color, community & activism, ethics & borders, politics & representation. We want to hear about your career as a self-made journalist, a novelist, an editor turned filmmaker, an op-ed writer turned podcaster. We want to learn from your craft, technique, & mastery. We want to know how you sold your first book, produced your first radio show, understood that your voice was worth hearing, your story worth telling. #amplifyWOC



a person who engages in the social and cultural activity of sharing stories as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, or political change.