We wanted to create an opportunity for people of color to connect about storytelling because we know what MFA workshops, editorial rooms, publishing meetings look like. And the truth is, they rarely look like us. Amplify is a chance to talk about race, to not talk about race, to hone craft, to learn from each other, to give weight to the writing, journalism, podcasts, reporting, essays, op-eds, stories we craft in these changing times.

We are a volunteer-run community-based conference! In our work, we saw a compelling need for Amplify, for a space and time to serve our community's and our nation's storytellers. We hope you can come. 


Serena Ajbani

Serena Ajbani, volunteer co-ordinator

Serena is a multimedia journalist and documentary filmmaker based in San Francisco. Her work explores history’s relationship to the present, focusing specifically on stories of the historically marginalized. She is a former Video Fellow and current Snapchat Video Producer at WIRED, where she creates content that introduces a younger audience to the complexities of a changing technological world. Sometimes, she gets to meet cool robots. 

Abby Madan

Abby Madan, Co-organizer

Abby is an award-winning independent journalist and audio producer. She interweaves sound and story to spark discovery, build empathy, and cultivate community. Her work has featured on NPR's WNYC, KJZZ, WCAI, WOUB, on the podcast network Canadaland, and in museum exhibits. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley, the Transom Story Workshop, and was once an NPR Next Generation Radio fellow. She is the producer/editor of the forthcoming documentary podcast, Historically Queer, about the lives of QPOC activists. 

Mallory Newman

Mallory Newman, event co-ordinator

Mallory is a multimedia journalist in her second year at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism who holds a BA in International Relations from San Francisco State University. She was a Military Police Officer and Civil Affairs Officer in the Marine Corps Reserve from 2007-2014 and deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom to Musa Qalah, Afghanistan in 2011. She is interested in investigative reporting with a focus on politics and equality."

Vivi Nguyen

Vivi nguyen, Communications Lead

Vivi is an Oakland-based poet, education rights advocate, and proud American-born child of Vietnamese refugees. She holds a degree in philosophy from UC Berkeley and currently works in development and fundraising for Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting. Prior to this role, she strengthened the capacity of several education nonprofit organizations through her program facilitation and research efforts. Her creative work and thinking is experientially rooted in themes of feminine sexuality, marginalization, and understanding the self.

Diana Wong

Diana Wong, founder 

Diana is the founder of Hirah Media, a media incubator committed to defining a new media for a new America by bringing the perspectives of different cultures, genders, and identities to the fore.